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Audit and Assurance

Statutory Audit| Internal Audit| Stock Audit| Internal Audit of branch, franchisee or C&F Agent| Transaction Audits| Process Audits| Review of related party transactions| Review of Internal Financial Control Framework| Treasury Management Audit | Pre Audit Services | Assessing risk profile| Maintaining risk registers

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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation.| Sub-assignments related to any fraud investigation like data mining, gathering evidence| Evaluating Fraud Preparedness of the organization| Anti fraud interventions.

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Virtual CFO

Vetting transactions prior to approval| Vetting Contracts or Procurements before signing off.

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Data mining | Special Assignments suggested by Audit Committee | Drafting of SOPs, manuals and Delegation of Authority in the organization structure | Due diligence of partners, collaborators prior to signing contracts| Vendor Audit | Vendor Verification | Accounting and Reconciliation Support |